What We Do

Children’s Advocacy Center of Guernsey County

The Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) focuses on providing specialized and wrap around services to child victims of abuse and their family.  We offer a neutral, child focused environment where children can feel safe and supported when disclosing their suspected abuse.

The CAC, along with our multidisciplinary team, work to ensure the needs of the child victim and their family are met and they are on the road to healing and safety.  The team focuses on the concerns of the family and works to provide resources for any needs the family may have.

The CAC provides a support network for the child and the nonoffending caregivers from the initial interview through the end of the investigation process.

Medical Forensic Evaluation

When there is a concern or report of sexual abuse, children deserve to be cared for by a medical professional with expertise in this area.   If a child discloses concerns with sexual abuse, it may be recommended that the child have a special exam known as a forensic medical exam or SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Exam).  The Children’s Advocacy Center of Guernsey County (CAC) has specially trained medical professionals who are able to provide this trauma informed care.

Reasons a SANE Exam would be recommended include:

  • To address the health care needs of children who disclose sexual abuse or sexual abuse is suspected
  • To ensure the health and well-being of the child
  • To perform a head-to-toe physical examination of the child and to assess for any signs of injury, illness or trauma
  • To gather forensic evidence for the ongoing investigation
  • To promote healing
  • To address concerns regarding safety, offer emotional support, crisis intervention, education and advocacy to children and caregivers as needed