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Welcome to the Children's Advocacy Center

The cycle of violence and abuse can be broken. The Children’s Advocacy Center of Guernsey County focuses on providing trauma informed services to child victims of abuse and their family.  We offer a neutral, child focused environment where children can feel safe and supported when disclosing their suspected abuse.

Our Mission…is to coordinate a timely comprehensive & multidisciplinary response to victims of child abuse in a safe, neutral, child focused environment and in doing so be a leading advocate in the healing and prevention of child abuse.

When families experience an incident of child sexual abuse or physical abuse it can be overwhelming and scary. But children can and do heal. We witness it every day.

The CAC of Guernsey County, along with our multidisciplinary team, work to ensure the needs of the child victim and their family are met and they are on the road to healing and safety.  The team focuses on providing trauma informed services while addressing concerns the child and family may have.  The goal of our team approach is to combine the expertise of our multidisciplinary team and bring these services to the child in one centralized location.   In turn, we hope to reduce the number of appointments for the family and minimize the trauma to the child.

“Children are not a distraction from more important work, they are the most important work.”
– C.S Lewis

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Children’s Advocacy Center of Guernsey County

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