Services We Provide

Multidisciplinary Team

A multidisciplinary team (MDT) for response to child abuse allegations includes representation from the following:

Law Enforcement, Children Services, Prosecution, Mental Health, Medical, Victim Advocacy, Board of Developmental Disabilities and Children’s Advocacy Center Staff.

The Forensic Interview

A forensic interview of a child is a developmentally sensitive and legally sound method of gathering factual information regarding allegations of abuse and exposure to violence.

This interview is conducted by a trained, neutral professional utilizing nationally recognized protocols.  The various protocols include: rapport building, transition to topic of concern, exploring details and closure.

Your child and the interviewer will be the only people in the interview  room.  All interviews are video and audio recorded.  MDT members will observe the interview from another room.

Medical Exam

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE) are specially trained to conduct sexual assault exams of children in need.  If a referral is needed based upon what the child disclosed, the CAC will speak to the family about their options to have this specialized forensic medical exam completed.

Children benefit from the expertise and trauma focused treatment these medical professionals are able to provide to the child and their family.  This specialized care can also aid in the child’s healing process.

Victim Advocacy

Victim support and advocacy are available throughout the investigation and prosecution of cases.  These services are provided by CAC Staff and community agencies including the Haven of Hope and advocates through our local courts and prosecutor’s office.

Information regarding the victim’s rights and available resources are routinely made available to all families.

Mental Health

Specialized individual, family, and group mental health services are available as part of the team response through coordination with other treatment providers in the community.  If a family is not already linked with a mental health professional, a representative from Allwell Behavioral Health Services attends the family’s first appointment at the CAC as a support and link to mental health services if needed.


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