Sexual Assault Nurse Exam

The Children’s Advocacy Center of Guernsey County is extremely grateful to announce the opening of their on-site Medical Room to provide non-acute forensic medical exams to child victims of sexual abuse. This is a service that has not been locally available for child victims for the past 7-8 years.  As of October 2018, we can now provide this specialized service on-site.

Child victims and their families were having to travel up to 90 minutes to receive this specialized non-acute Sexual Assault Nurse Exam (SANE). Now this service is available on-site at the CAC which provides a safe, supportive and child friendly environment.

When there is a concern or report of sexual abuse, children deserve to be cared for by a medical professional with expertise in this area.  The Children’s Advocacy Center of Guernsey County (CAC) is able to provide these specialized services to children.  The CAC has specially trained Pediatric and Adolescent “SANE” medical professionals who are able to provide this care which may include the recommendation that a child have a special exam known as a medical forensic exam or “SANE” exam.  “SANE” stands for Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner.

Referrals for this service are typically received from Children Services or Law Enforcement.  The CAC is able to provide non-acute SANE services.  If there is an acute concern (suspected abuse has occurred within the past 72 hours), please refer to the nearest emergency room for further treatment so arrangements can be made for the child to be evaluated at the nearest facility capable of providing Acute SANE services.